Corrugated Plastic

Corex is an outdoor, durable, plastic material with corrugated flutes just like cardboard. While it’s best known for political lawn signs, it is much more versatile! Use thicker boards or add lamination to make your signs long lasting. 

Large Corex Signs

Large corex signs are great for construction site postings, fence-line wraps, wayfinding, and more.

With three different thicknesses to choose from, corrugated plastic can be more durable than a standard banner and will last through a long-term project. We laminate the prints for UV protection and scratch resistance. 

Heavy-Duty Corex signs

Corex signs are not just for political campaigns. Corrugated plastic prints are laminated for fade protection and scratch resistance. Easy to install yourself. The heavy duty wire stakes are built to hold up over multiple uses or long-term installations.

Economy Corex Signs

These economical corex signs are a great choice for large-run, short-term, yard signs. Available for quantities of 25 and up, these are printed directly on corrugated plastic.   Easy to install yourself. Not suitable for long-term use. 

Custom Corex Projects

Corrugated Plastic is versatile for custom projects. The flutes can be used for stakes, folds or strategically placed for rigidity. Thicker corex is strong and can withstand heavy use. Got an idea? Give us a call and we’ll figure out how to build it.