PETG Mounted Print

PETG Mounted Print

Our choice for booth display panel graphics that need to roll up for transport. PETG pops back to flat even after a long time in storage. Choose between matte, luster, or gloss laminates for a specific look.

Printed on: Standard calendered vinyl
Laminate: Gloss, luster, or matte 
Mounted to: Clear PETG
Thickness: .040" or .060"
Size: Custom - 47.5" x 95.5" or smaller
Finishing: Hook Velcro along back perimeter
Options: Magnetic strips or velcro along back perimeter

We are happy to design the graphic or you can supply a print-ready file

Graphic size: Custom, create files at full size
Bleed: None
Fonts: Convert all text to outlines
Color space: CMYK or RGB are both acceptable 
Images: Embed
Resolution: 200ppi is ideal

Preferred file types: TIFF, PDF 
Other accepted file types: PSD, JPG, AI, EPS