Mounted Prints

Choose the right look for your space. We offer many solutions for wall art, wayfinding, museum displays, and interior décor accents.

Sintra Mounted Print

Durable and easy to clean, Sintra is great for any indoor wall or door sign in a high traffic area like restaurants, retail stores, and busy offices. For larger signs, 1/8" Sintra bends, so it can be mounted to curved surfaces!

Styrene Mounted Print

Our lower cost styrene prints are well-suited for tabletop displays but can also be used for larger short-term projects or long-term indoor placements. Choose a laminate if you want to protect against scratching and fading.

Ultraboard Mounted Print

These easy frameless wall hangings are great for office decor or museum installations. Using a metal French cleat system, these prints always hang level and are easy to swap out if you want to update your imagery. The laminate refracts light beautifully and protects the image from fading and scratching. 

PETG Mounted Print

Our choice for booth display panel graphics that need to roll up for transport. PETG pops back to flat even after a long time in storage. Choose between matte, luster, or gloss laminates for a specific look.

Acrylic Mounted Print

Mounted acrylic graphics creates a classy and professional look. Can be lasered to shape. Choose between solid colors vinyl or printed imagery.